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At the end of the day- a marketer’s perspective on translation

As a marketer in the translation industry, I often find myself lost in translation. No, I don’t mean that my messaging loses impact once it is globalized (that would just be unacceptable) — I mean lost in translation options and worrying about which approach is best for which content type. Continue reading »

Marketing Translation Unveiled

Do you know what a “marketing translation” is? Do you think you can tell marketing translation from copywriting? Do you know where to look for information about marketing translations?

I want to introduce you to “marketing translation” from the perspective of a translator. I am not going to take into business or financial requirements aimed at getting better gross margins: It’s not my cup of tea. Instead, I want to show you the challenges encountered by translators when dealing with so-called “marketing translations”. I also want to keep things simple, so I am not going to present and elaborate on external theories and approaches to the phenomenon.

In this post I will focus in particular on the first challenge: Finding a common definition Continue reading »