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Common Sense Advisory Lists Lionbridge as the #1 Language Service Provider

This past week, Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent Massachusetts-based market research company, released their annual report on the global language services market for 2013. Included in this report is their list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs), which ranked Lionbridge as the #1 LSP.

Here’s a look at the top 10 LSPs for 2013, according to Common Sense Advisory: Continue reading »

YouTube Service: Translating Video Captions Automatically

This week, I came across an interesting blog announcement from Google: Translating Youtube with auto-captioning.

Basically, through YouTube, Google will offer auto-generated closed captions for video content. Combined with Google Translate, the closed captions can be translated into 50+ languages. This is really exciting stuff, and it almost sounds too good to be true!

I went to YouTube to check out the actual videos Continue reading »

Q&A on Translation Services for Multimedia

I’m back with a second blog-post! It was great to have so many people on the Multimedia Localization webinar last Thursday. We had many great questions, but with so many topics to cover (from “what is multimedia,” to the localization process, and the case study), we didn’t have time to answer all the questions. So as my second blog entry, I thought we should take some time to answer these; here we go… Continue reading »