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Common Sense Advisory Lists Lionbridge as the #1 Language Service Provider

This past week, Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent Massachusetts-based market research company, released their annual report on the global language services market for 2013. Included in this report is their list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs), which ranked Lionbridge as the #1 LSP.

Here’s a look at the top 10 LSPs for 2013, according to Common Sense Advisory: Continue reading »

The Crossroads of the Translation Industry

As the translation industry continues to grow in 2013, so does the technology that drives it. Clients and developers select the tools easiest to use and most efficient to their production. Users will need to learn to embrace and sell these technologies with a new mindset, and developers are excited to dive in and elevate technology to the next level.

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Innovation of Professional Translations with Translation Workspace

Today is a big day! Thousands of hours, hundreds of resources and millions of dollars in investment finally get their coming out day. Beyond the initial “WOW” factor of SaaS, Clouds and Real time assets, I think potential users will quickly see that theTranslation Workspace is also a fundamentally different way to work that will directly increase productivity and efficiency for the entire global supply chain.

Email and even workflow automated email is just not efficient for resolving quality issues or carrying out review tasks. We have all found that having a super cool $1m system that can automatically send my quality rejection back to my linguist does little to create greater in-market user adoption or even reduce my total attracted cost of translation. Quality and language development are collaborative Continue reading »