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In the Battle for Quality, Sample Translations are No Secret Weapon

The quality of your translated content is crucial. You need to be positive that the materials your business sends to consumers convey messaging that aligns with your brand. In today’s global marketplace, you also need to ensure that your content has been accurately and appropriately translated into your target languages, and localized to be relevant in your target markets. In short, you need high-quality translations. But, when your business is approaching a translation project, how do you measure the quality of translation that different Language Service Providers (LSPs) have to offer? Many companies ask potential LSPs for sample translations, which may seem like an appropriate solution to this dilemma, but it’s actually not the best idea. Continue reading »

Website Translation- Lionbridge Helps Wizz Air Spread its Wings Across Europe

One of the good things about working for Lionbridge is that we have the opportunity to see some of our customers grow dramatically as they expand their businesses internationally. We work with ambitious companies that understand that the consistency of their brand image is key to international success. Wizz Air is a perfect example of such a company.  Anyone who has travelled via London Luton airport recently can hardly have failed to notice the eye-catching purple and pink livery of the nine Wizz Air planes flying in and out. Wizz Air clearly understands the importance of a dramatic visual image in building brand awareness. Continue reading »