Six Great Webinars about Global Web Management

Think you know your way around global web management strategies? See how many of the following 12 questions you can answer:

  1. How many languages should your website be in if you want to reach 90% of all Internet users?
  2. What are the unique challenges faced by retail companies vs. travel and hospitality companies in regard to their respective web globalization strategies?
  3. What’s the best way to manage a Spanish-language website for the US?
  4. Why have companies like Amazon and Apple done so well on their ecommerce platforms?
  5. What are the hottest languages on the web today?
  6. What makes a great global mobile experience for your users?
  7. What are two server-based technologies that help users find the right language version of your website?
  8. What are three must-have characteristics of a good global gateway?
  9. Which is better to denote website language choices: flags or maps?
  10. How can you help ensure a consistent global look and feel throughout all markets?
  11. What are the four elements of personalization?
  12. What do the following web components have in common? Currencies, color, capitalization, calendars.

Web Globalization Webinars by Lionbridge

If you already know the answers to all of those questions, then you can go do something else now.

But if you don’t, I highly recommend you visit our Vimeo 6-pack, Best Global Websites – A Series of Webinars created by Lionbridge with Industry Experts:

“These webinars focus on best practices for global websites. A number of these webinars are presented by John Yunker, the leading industry consultant on Global Websites. Some of these webinars date back to 2008, however the material is still very relevant in addressing challenges and best practices when managing multilingual websites.”

These are some of the highest rated Lionbridge webinars out there. They’re free, yours for the viewing, and packed with tons of useful information (including answers to the questions above).

Feel free to ping me if you’d like me to suggest which webinar you should start with, based on your situation.


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