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Social Media Use in Travel & Hospitality Industry

Are you unsure if you should develop (or continue to nurture) your company’s social media presence? Do you need some inspiring stats to re-energize your social media team? Would you like to see an infographic that was done really well?

If you said yes to any of those questions, check out this recent PhoCusWright data about how U.S. travelers engage with social media networks. Continue reading »

The Landscape of Global Video Marketing

Growth in IP traffic is currently fastest in the Middle East and Africa, with Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe trailing just behind. Cisco Forecast expects the annual growth rates between 2012 and 2017 to be between 25%-40%.  Videos have already become an important branding tool and they are becoming increasingly more valuable every day.  Within the next half decade video marketing will Continue reading »

New Consumer Data and Travel Trends from Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly just released the results of their 2013 Consumer Trends Survey. I ran across it the other day, and thought for sure you’d be interested in it, too. It’s full of inspiring data – here are some highlights to get you going: Continue reading »

Recent Trends in Travel and Hospitality

I’ve got a few things to share with you and although they’re about a variety of topics, they do have one thing in common… they’re all about you (assuming, I guess, that you’re somehow interested in or involved in the Travel & Hospitality industry).

Let’s get started – we’ll go in chronological order: Continue reading »

Translating Customer Review Videos

Tnooz published an article recently, “Visual opinions – Understanding video reviews in the travel industry,” which emphasizes the importance and opportunities surrounding video in marketing. The guest author, Ali Naqi Shaheen (CEO of AppATrip), covers the basic statistics about video from YouTube and the fact that video as an online tool is growing. More important, he goes into how Travel and Hospitality companies are (and should be) leveraging customer review videos.

The way I look at it is that customer reviews can be a fantastic marketing tool. And video can be a fantastic marketing tool. So you put the two together and whammo, you got fantastic marketing all over the place. Continue reading »

Best Practices for Global Hotel Websites

I’m at the HEDNA conference in Edinburgh, Scotland this week, so of course I’m thinking a lot about hotels and their global websites. And it occurs to me, this might be a good time to revisit the Hotels sections of John Yunker’s Best Global Websites report, which he published just a few months ago specifically for the Travel and Hospitality industry. Continue reading »

International Search Engine Optimization

It’s been a few months since I’ve blogged about international SEO, and as it turns out, I have a few things to say.

First of all, I assume it’s already on your to-do list, and that you don’t need to be convinced how important it is to think about search in terms of a global audience. It’s like, a few years ago, we talked about the importance of adding social media to your marketing mix. Before that, it was the importance of having an online presence. Before that, it was the importance of electricity and before that, the importance of outrunning low-flying pterodactyls. There will always be some new concept that needs to be taken seriously, and at some point, it becomes just plain sense.

Today that concept is International SEO. Continue reading »

How Much Do You Know About China?

…and speaking of China (remember my posts, Lessons in Chinese Social Media Marketing and More on Marketing in China?), I also want to share this very cool 10-minute video, China – How much do you know about it? by TCDChineseSoc. Continue reading »

Personalization and Language

You know what’s funny? I’m still a little amazed every time I see a contextual display ad about something I recently shopped for. (I guess that’s funny-weird, not funny-haha. Sorry if I got your hopes up.)

But you know the feeling, right? You’re minding your own business, reading an article, or you’re using a web-based email program like Gmail. All of a sudden, you see an ad for the exact pair of shoes you were looking at on Zappos last Tuesday. I get this thought that lasts for like a millisecond, “What a weird coincidence!” before my brain kicks in and I remember that companies have data. Lots of it – and some of it is about me. And they’re using it to get my attention. Continue reading »

More on Marketing in China

Since we’ve talked about marketing in China before, I thought I’d share a really good overview of a Forrester event held in Shanghai last month: Reflections On Forrester’s Event – “Winning the Dynamic Digital Consumer in China”. Continue reading »