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Finding the Right Web Globalization Balance

This year, John Yunker added a new Travel and Hospitality category to his report: Theme Parks! I love everything about travel, but there’s something about theme parks that is extra fun, especially during the Spring Break season. So let’s look at his findings, and see what we can learn. Continue reading »

Video Marketing Transcends Borders

Yes, video marketing transcends borders… I realize that’s kind of a lofty statement, but what I mean is, videos appeal to just about everyone, and there are many many statistics out there that prove there’s an audience for video.

For instance, according to YouTube (…

Lots of people create and watch videos:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Videos have global appeal:

  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 53 countries and across 61 languages.

Now, we know the good people at YouTube wouldn’t offer their site with such global customization if there weren’t an audience for it. Continue reading »

The Best Global Travel Websites… and Why

Wasn’t that a great webinar last week with John Yunker?

If you were with us for “The Best Global Travel Websites – and Why” webinar, you learned about why a universal global gateway is better than an overtranslated one. And how responsive design fits in and why it’s so hot right now. (And who’s doing it well!) Continue reading »

European Hoteliers Embrace Social Media – Do You?

You know me – I can never pass up good travel related social media statistics. So you can imagine how happy I was last week when I came across the survey data released by Choice Hotels Europe from their latest study, “European Hotelier Pulse-Check.”
Continue reading »

Best Global Travel Websites – and Why (free webinar)

It’s a mid-February Tuesday and you’re looking for motivation. Or you’re already motivated but having a hard time focusing. Or you’re focusing just fine, but need answers.

Regardless of your situation, I’ve got great news for you. Our good friend, dynamite speaker and world renowned web globalization expert, John Yunker, will present the results of his recent Travel & Hospitality website study on March 6 in a free Lionbridge-sponsored webinar. Continue reading »

Web Globalization for a Global Mobile Experience

Other than Travel and Hospitality, no other industry is better suited for an ideal mobile experience. In fact, the very definition of travel is “to be mobile.”[1]

So it’s no surprise to me that John Yunker included a whole “Mobile” section in his new report that I’ve been talking about lately, “The Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality.”

Although as John points out, we’re all still learning what makes a dynamite mobile app or website, some things are already clearly emerging as “import considerations.” I’ll outline some of them here, but highly recommend you download his free report for the details and many Travel and Hospitality industry examples. Continue reading »

Global Navigation, Global Gateways, Geolocation and More

“If a web user cannot find his or her localized website, the site may as well not exist.”

Thank you, John Yunker, for stating that so strongly. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. A web manager can create the most beautiful, information-packed, professionally translated website in every one of the company’s target languages, but if it never reaches the target audience, it’s not just worthless, it’s a waste of money. Continue reading »

Hot Off the Presses: The Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality

The NEW “The Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality” is hot off the presses this week, and it’s yours as a free download at Continue reading »

New Industry Report: The Best Travel Websites and Apps

Happy New Year! Did you all get enough snow and/or beach time? Fun with friends and family? Delicious holiday food, which by the way has no calories due to the aforementioned holiday season? Regardless of how you spent it, I hope you were able to rest and enjoy the season, and that you’re now ready to dive into 2013 along with me and the rest of the Lionbridge Travel team.

And wow, do we have a cool announcement to kick off the year. Remember the amazing report that John Yunker published in 2011, “The Best Global Websites in Travel and Hospitality”? Well, John’s been busy writing an updated report (which Lionbridge sponsored again), and it will be available in the very near future. Continue reading »