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More on the Importance of Publishing Customer Reviews

Have you ever been driving down the road minding your own business, when an oncoming car flashes their headlights at you? When that happens to me, my first instinct is often, “Terrific, I left my purse on the roof again.” But then happily I see it on the seat next to me, and that’s right around the time I pass the police officer pointing a speed-checking radar gun at me.

Are you one of those drivers who warns people about these “speed traps”? If so, why? What’s in it for you? Why should you care if I get a ticket? If you saw me buying an expired gallon of milk at the grocery store, would you shine a flashlight in my face to warn me not to do it? Okay, you probably wouldn’t do that, but would you say something? I’m guessing most people (including me) wouldn’t. I think most of us prefer to be helpful from a distance.

I Do Have a Point
Although I could go on about the psychology of anonymous help for a long time, here’s my real point: I depend on help from strangers every time I travel. More and more, I find myself relying on customer reviews when I make travel plans, either for business or personal trips. Don’t you? Like when you’re booking a hotel, you read customer reviews, right? If so, you’re not alone… Continue reading »

3 Key Tips for Designing a Website to Fit Your Global Travel Audience

I thought I’d kick off today’s post with a staggering statistic from EyeforTravel’s recently published report, “The Travel Consumer Report 2012-13.” Are you ready? I only ask because – like I said – it’s staggering.

Just 27% of consumers surveyed believe travel websites are easy to use.

It can be risky to take statistics out of context, but I think we can be pretty sure that the other 73% of respondents did not say travel websites are “super easy” to use. Perhaps this is why more than half of the intermediaries and travel suppliers EyeforTravel surveyed are making website design a top priority this year, and are increasing their web design budgets. Continue reading »

PhoCusWright Conference – November 13-15, 2012

Will you be at the PhoCusWright Conference in Phoenix next week? Lionbridge will be there so please stop by and say hi. And because we know you’ll be very busy, we’re encouraging you to visit by offering a drawing for a $250 gift card! And don’t forget, we’re fun people to talk to. Continue reading »

Translating User-Generated Content Requires Speed and Efficiencies

I don’t spend a lot of time on this blog talking about Lionbridge services. That’s not the point of the blog, and I’m pretty sure you already know where to go to learn more about what we do. However, once in a while there’s something you should hear, even if you don’t think you want to. Like if I tell you about the parsley in your front tooth – it’s annoying at first, but then you’re glad you know, right?

So hang in there for just a moment while I tell you that Lionbridge can quickly and inexpensively translate all of your User-Generated Content (UGC) into any languages you want. Continue reading »

Travel and Hospitality Blog Posts: Greatest Hits, Year One

This Travel & Hospitality blog just passed its one-year anniversary (cheers!), so I thought I’d publish sort of a “Greatest Hits, Year One.”

Our focus for this blog is primarily on strategies that support the intersection of language, technology and marketing for a global travel business. Based on our site traffic data, three of the hottest topics during year one have been global social media, mobile strategies and global SEO. What do you think? Have those been on your mind, too?

Following is a quick run-down of the most popular posts in those areas. Continue reading »

The Role of Language in Customer Experience and Personalization

One of the smartest business strategies a lot of companies are pursuing now is a focus on customer experience and personalization. (In fact, here’s a 3-minute video that highlights the key points in one of the EyeforTravel sessions about this a few weeks ago in Vegas.)

For example, many hotel front desk employees know the names of registered guests when they first arrive in the hotel lobby. And I’ll admit, I love hearing, “Hello, Ms. Bostick – welcome back!” It’s not exactly the Cheers-era “where everybody knows your name…” greeting (and aren’t you glad? that could get creepy), but it’s certainly a gesture, a way for the hotel to show they care enough to pay attention. I also see accommodation options for my dogs when I book the hotel in the first place since I’ve been known to travel with a Westie or two, and more often than not, there’s some kind of post-travel follow up with a personal touch. From start to finish, travel and hospitality businesses are connecting with customers on a personal level. Continue reading »

Travel Industry Trends – Good Article in HotelNewsNow

Real quick today, I just want to tell you about an article that sums up one of the keynotes at the EyeforTravel event in Vegas two weeks ago. Since I was there and wanted to share the experience with as many of you as possible, this seems like a great way to share some of what I heard.

The article is Travel players predict 2013 trends, concerns, published last Monday, September 17 on Key points of the article include… Continue reading »

Need Help with a Multilingual Keyword Strategy?

Do you struggle with running a successful search campaign (I’m talking about SEO here) in each of your global markets? If so, you’re not alone. And in most cases, I’m willing to bet the reason isn’t because you haven’t done the work on the site itself – you know, adding page-specific meta tags, choosing the right URLs, and implementing on-page optimization techniques. And I’m also willing to bet it’s not because you’re ignoring website KPIs like conversion rates. I’m betting it’s more likely because you have an incomplete global keyword strategy – one that doesn’t include a translation component reflective of your global markets. 

Believe me, this is the most common dilemma we run across with companies who are working really hard on their global SEO campaigns, but have been frustrated with the results. It all comes down to defining the right keyword list. And, as with most strategic things, the key is to approach it in a very methodical, organized way so you don’t forget the more obvious things like product names and categories.  Continue reading »