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EyeforTravel Article, Trends in the Travel Industry

There’s a special in-depth article this week from EyeforTravel, “The Heat is On: Five Online Travel Trends Set to Explode” – have you read it? They interviewed several industry leaders and asked them to predict the major trends that will take the travel industry by storm in 2013.

Trust me, there’s a lot of great info. So get your coffee, get comfy and explore the concepts of… Continue reading »

Real-Time Translation Breaks the Language Barrier

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post on Lionbridge’s GeoFluent technology, and promised I’d share more information in the coming weeks. I know there was a lot going on last month, what with the Olympics and all (only 1,430 days until the XXXI Olympic Summer Games in Rio!), but I’m sure you remember this. Like the part where I said, “each person is speaking a different language and yet they’re communicating just fine.” And the part about “immediate, real-time translation.” It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?

So today I’m revisiting GeoFluent, starting with highlighting the differences between it and translation tools like Google Translate… Continue reading »

Languages and Global Marketing – Info from Common Sense Advisory

I couldn’t decide which of the following two info-packed items to share with you today, so you’re getting both. They both come from Common Sense Advisory – one of my all-time favorite sources for multilingual business and marketing strategies. Continue reading »

Real-Time Translation for Online Customer Support Chat

I love watching new internet capabilities emerge. For instance, looking up next week’s weather forecast for Reykjavik just for the heck of it is fun. And virtually experimenting with paint colors on the walls of my living room using an uploaded photo is beyond cool.

So when I say that online customer support chat is as fantastic as those other cool capabilities, that’s really saying something. You know how it is, we don’t always want to talk to someone on the phone and just prefer to type in the little box, multitask while the agent responds, and carry on for as long as necessary until we get the answer. Maybe it’s the lack of hold music but whatever the reason, customer support chat is often better than a phone call, and is a brilliant use of online technology.

Knowing this, and knowing my love of anything related to languages, you can only imagine how I adore Lionbridge’s latest enhancement to online customer support chat. It’s called GeoFluent and it provides immediate, real-time translation. Continue reading »

Olympic Fever

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Last Thursday I hurdled over the couch. Yesterday I found myself balancing carefully along the parking lot line at the grocery store, arms straight out and on my tip-toes.  Earlier today I draped my daughter’s old Girl Scout sash around my neck and belted out the national anthem…

I’m starting to think I might have Olympic Fever. Continue reading »

Global Branding Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices

The following statement from Varying cultural customs impact hotel design (by Stephanie Wharton in, May 14, 2012) caught my eye a while back: “Adapting hotel spaces to observe the cultural expectations of a particular region while maintaining brand consistency presents both challenges and opportunities.”

The article goes on to explain that different regions around the world – such as the Middle East, China, South Korea and the Philippines – have different cultural guidelines and expectations, all of which influence hotel design. It’s a great read, with several examples of how a global company can (and should) not only accommodate differences, but acknowledge and show respect for them.

This made me think about the challenge any type of company faces when planning a global marketing campaign. So let’s change gears and see what happens when I modify Wharton’s first sentence a tiny bit: “Adapting marketing campaigns to observe the cultural expectations of a particular region while maintaining brand consistency presents both challenges and opportunities.” See what I mean? Continue reading »

Customer Reviews in the Travel & Hospitality Industry – To Translate or Not to Translate

Back in May I told you about a HEDNA panel session on Review Translations and how the Lionbridge Travel team had launched a survey to discover to what extent companies within the Travel & Hospitality industry post and translate customer reviews on their websites. Today I’m sharing some results from that survey, as well as the key points that were covered in the HEDNA panel.

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Let Me Tell You about Chile

I’d like to do something a little different this week and share some personal travel experiences I’ve enjoyed recently. One reason I love our Lionbridge Travel practice is because I’ve always been passionate about Travel. Some might even say I’m addicted to it, as you can see when you look at how I spent June this year.

I started the month at Localization World in Paris, and then the HEDNA Conference in Madrid. Figuring it was time for a little time off, my husband and I went to Italy for a vacation in Tuscany and while in the area, spent some time at the Vatican. All beautiful and remarkable places… Continue reading »