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The Importance of Standard Terminology in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Is it an outbound flight, or a departing flight? Is it returning or arriving? Every company in every industry has terminology choices to make – and it’s worth taking the time to sort them out and define standards for your customer-facing content so you convey consistency and reliability. Oh, and also so your customers know what you’re talking about.

It’s not just your customers who benefit from this – you and your translation budget benefit, too.

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International SEO in the World of Travel

International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a big deal to global companies, which of course means most companies in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

You want your U.S.-based travel agency to reach more travelers coming from France, or you’re falling short of the reservation goals for your Southeast Asia hotel properties, or you can’t figure out why your competitors in Russia are getting all the attention. You’re not alone! But rest assured, these types of concerns can often be addressed – and sometimes resolved – by taking a good look at your International SEO strategy.

For those of you who haven’t spent time in what I think of as the Fascinating World of Search Visibility, here’s the gist of it: a website’s potential audience is made up of people located in countries around the world, speaking different languages and using different web browsers. And although it’s not difficult to publish a website, it’s a completely different story when it comes to reaching that website’s intended global audience.

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Meet Lionbridge Travel (and win an iPad?) at PhoCusWright Next Week

Seems like we all just got back from EyeforTravel, and now we’re heading out to Ft. Lauderdale next week for the PhoCusWright Conference!

Ah, the life of a Travel and Hospitality professional, am I right?

I’ll have more to say after the show, but for now, I want to make sure you’re all aware that we’ll be giving away an iPad to one lucky visitor at the Lionbridge booth next week. So please be sure to stop by and chat with us for a few minutes.

Besides just entering our drawing, this also means you can talk to me and one of my favorite colleagues, Roberto Sastre from our European office, about translation and localization in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

We’d love to hear and help with whatever’s on your mind, even stuff like:

  • How you might be able to lower the costs or increase the quality (or both!) when translating your website.
  • What you’re doing about translating user-generated content.
  • What ideas we have for making the translation of your mobile site and apps go a little faster, a little smoother.
  • And don’t even get us started on translation for social media, especially in the travel and hospitality space. That is, unless you really want a long conversation on your hands.

So just a reminder: Visit the Lionbridge booth at PhoCusWright next week, so you can enter to win a free iPad! (And talk to us about interesting things.)

Translation of Mobile Websites and Apps in the Travel Industry

As I walked around EyeForTravel’s “Travel Distribution Summit” in Las Vegas last week, talking with people and attending presentations, it was pretty easy to pick up on the three primary digital trends in the travel industry: Mobile, Social and Video. If you were there, I bet you picked up on the same ones.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that the Twittersphere reflected these conversations, 140 characters at a time. Just for fun, a colleague of mine compiled some of the most thoughtful and specific of those in her Storified collection, which I mentioned earlier this week.

There’s a lot there for follow-up discussions, but for today I thought I’d focus on Mobile. Continue reading »

Who Said What about Last Week’s Travel Distribution Summit

Take a look at this Twitter slideshow my colleague put together (using about EyeForTravel’s Travel Distribution Summit last week. I think she pretty much captured the highlights. (Click the forward/back arrows at the bottom to manually advance, or the Play button in the lower left corner to autoplay the whole thing.)

Were you there, and/or watching the Twitter stream? What else would you have added?

More to come soon on specific topics from the show last week, including trends in the travel industry about mobile, video and social.


Add Russian to Your Travel Website’s Menu of Languages

It’s interesting to me that Russian is on John Yunker’s list of top 10 languages for a company to support on their website (see “Secrets of Well-Traveled Websites“). I know that as one of the four BRIC countries (Brazil, India and China being the other three), Russia is, of course, gaining strength in the international economy, and therefore, Russian is gaining popularity as a commonly supported web language.

But does this apply in the Travel and Hospitality industry? Are there a lot of Russian-speaking travelers?

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