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Languages and Global Marketing – Info from Common Sense Advisory

I couldn’t decide which of the following two info-packed items to share with you today, so you’re getting both. They both come from Common Sense Advisory – one of my all-time favorite sources for multilingual business and marketing strategies. Continue reading »

Global Branding Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices

The following statement from Varying cultural customs impact hotel design (by Stephanie Wharton in, May 14, 2012) caught my eye a while back: “Adapting hotel spaces to observe the cultural expectations of a particular region while maintaining brand consistency presents both challenges and opportunities.”

The article goes on to explain that different regions around the world – such as the Middle East, China, South Korea and the Philippines – have different cultural guidelines and expectations, all of which influence hotel design. It’s a great read, with several examples of how a global company can (and should) not only accommodate differences, but acknowledge and show respect for them.

This made me think about the challenge any type of company faces when planning a global marketing campaign. So let’s change gears and see what happens when I modify Wharton’s first sentence a tiny bit: “Adapting marketing campaigns to observe the cultural expectations of a particular region while maintaining brand consistency presents both challenges and opportunities.” See what I mean? Continue reading »

Strengthening Global Brands – Webinar for Travel and Hospitality

Does the phrase “multilingual marketing” give you hives? Are you struggling with the challenges of protecting your brand’s integrity around the world? Do you wish someone would host a free webinar about these types of issues, specifically focused on the Travel and Hospitality industry? Guess what, you’re in luck!

First, the Context

We all know it’s one thing to develop a brand and an entirely different thing to tell the world about it. But why does it have to be like that? Because communicating the unique nuances of marketing messages between cultures can be a tricky (and I do mean tricky) process. Just because your brand, copy and campaigns succeed in your native language and culture, there’s no guarantee the rest of the world will get it. In fact, truth be told, it’s pretty uncommon for one message to resonate within multiple markets around the world.

Would you like a couple of examples? Continue reading »

Keyword Localization, a Lionbridge Case Study

I try not to talk about Lionbridge projects in this blog because that might be boring for you and a bit self-serving for us. But today I’m making an exception because we recently published a case study about Global Search Marketing that I think you’ll find pretty interesting. It’s all about how our teams localized 100,000 search terms for one of the world’s leading online travel agencies. Continue reading »

Your Audience Speaks Different Languages and Needs You in Different Ways

I subscribe to many blogs but only sometimes read what’s published. Who has the time to read everything? So believe me when I say you should read John Yunker’s blog post, “Web Globalization in a Post-PC World,” in which he presents compelling facts and advice developed while publishing his “2012 Web Globalization Report Card.”

Not only does he address what’s on our collective mind about communicating with a global audience using a variety of technology platforms, but one of his examples is a company many of you can identify with – – chosen because they offer multilingual support (38 languages!) of four major platforms: desktop, mobile website, iPad app and iPhone app.

Expectations about convenience and availability have changed over the last few years – the emergence of new technologies is both a blessing and a challenge. The question used to be, “Do I need to translate my website?” The question we hear now is, “How will we transcend logistical issues of language and technology so we can communicate with our audience no matter what?” Continue reading »

The Importance of Standard Terminology in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Is it an outbound flight, or a departing flight? Is it returning or arriving? Every company in every industry has terminology choices to make – and it’s worth taking the time to sort them out and define standards for your customer-facing content so you convey consistency and reliability. Oh, and also so your customers know what you’re talking about.

It’s not just your customers who benefit from this – you and your translation budget benefit, too.

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Add Russian to Your Travel Website’s Menu of Languages

It’s interesting to me that Russian is on John Yunker’s list of top 10 languages for a company to support on their website (see “Secrets of Well-Traveled Websites“). I know that as one of the four BRIC countries (Brazil, India and China being the other three), Russia is, of course, gaining strength in the international economy, and therefore, Russian is gaining popularity as a commonly supported web language.

But does this apply in the Travel and Hospitality industry? Are there a lot of Russian-speaking travelers?

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