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Recent Trends in Travel and Hospitality

I’ve got a few things to share with you and although they’re about a variety of topics, they do have one thing in common… they’re all about you (assuming, I guess, that you’re somehow interested in or involved in the Travel & Hospitality industry).

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Best Practices for Global Hotel Websites

I’m at the HEDNA conference in Edinburgh, Scotland this week, so of course I’m thinking a lot about hotels and their global websites. And it occurs to me, this might be a good time to revisit the Hotels sections of John Yunker’s Best Global Websites report, which he published just a few months ago specifically for the Travel and Hospitality industry. Continue reading »

European Hoteliers Embrace Social Media – Do You?

You know me – I can never pass up good travel related social media statistics. So you can imagine how happy I was last week when I came across the survey data released by Choice Hotels Europe from their latest study, “European Hotelier Pulse-Check.”
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