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Chinese Tourists are on the Move

As you’re probably already aware, China is one of the top emerging international travel markets. In fact, it’s been estimated by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) that by 2020, the number of outbound Chinese travelers will hit 100 million. “China has shown by far the fastest growth with regard to expenditure on international tourism in the last decade, multiplying expenditure four times since 2000. Ranking as the seventh biggest source market in 2005, it has since overtaken, respectively, Italy, Japan, France and the United Kingdom.” (Source: UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2011 Edition)

Not surprisingly, the U.S. is feeling the effect. “So huge is the Chinese travel market potential that major U.S. travel suppliers — including hotels and airlines, as well as major cities and even shopping malls — are sending sales representatives to China… And hotels in this country are now serving rice porridge for breakfast and seeking Mandarin Chinese speakers to handle the phones and check-in desks.” (Source: Chinese tourists visit U.S. in record numbers, January 2012)

For a company within the travel and hospitality industry, what’s the online equivalent of serving rice porridge for breakfast and hiring Mandarin Chinese speakers specifically so they can communicate with travelers? Continue reading »